Get Into Routine

First Things' First

Before any training takes place I need to complete a full intake with new clients which generally includes a consultation based on;


-current nutrition habits


-functional movement screening

-polar heart rate assessment

-a muscle strength assessment

-a healthy body weight calculation as well as a body fat percentage test using a 7 site measurement with Lange calipers. 

 Once all this information is taken into consideration, I can formulate an efficient plan of action. Email me today to get started.



I travel to your Home, Office, Corporate Center or any location you have access to a gym or workout facility.

The Sky Is The Limit

If you can imagine it, we can achieve it. Part of why I love what I do is the non-stop constant success stories of my clients and how I have set their passions into motion. If you are interested in training for NPC physique or bodybuiliding competitions I offer 8 weeks out, 12 weeks out training programs.


Heart Rate Training


Stability Training

Rehab/ Injury Training

Circuit Training

Strength and Conditioning

Aerobic/Anaerobic Zone Training


Weight Loss



Sports Conditioning

Competition Prep (8-12 weeks out)

Session Pricing

1-10 sessions $80/session

11-19 sessions $70/session

20+ sessions $60/session

Get A Group Together

Working out with friends and other fitness enthusiasts motivates and inspires to put your best foot forward! Corporate Rates are available.

Integrate Meal Prep with a Dietitian

Take the Guess Work Out

If food is 60% of the equation, coordinating food and training programs have never made it easier to reach your goals. Unlike other meal prep companies who have set menus and ingredients, having a personal chef prepare your meals based on what a dieitian reccommends for YOU to eat, is the end all be all program for the success of your health and wellness journey.

Food Intake

Regardless of dietary restrictions, I'll work with you to accommodate your meal prep program to coordinate with your training for maximum results.

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Dietitian Recommended Meal Prep Services

Welcome To The Team!

Welcome, Elizabeth DeAvilla! 

 Elizabeth DeAvilla, is the Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. She began her nutrition education in Dekalb, IL at Northern Illinois University. Upon graduation, she completed her masters degree at Dominican University, then accepting an adjunct position teaching in the program she had graduated from. She then moved on into a more inpatient setting, where she could put all that she had learned into practice, and finally now has a hand in all Nutrition and Food Services operations at her current facility. She currently works in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, homes, and schools as a consultant. She works hard to translate the language of nutrition for those she works with and teach the ease of healthy eating in everyday meals. 

Working Together for Great Results

Putting a team of trained chefs and one of Chicago's top dietitians on the same team has been my vision to help people as an end all be all approach to how we view food and what our bodies need to be optimally healthy. Weekly meal plans start at just $15 a meal and are prepared to fit your busy lifestyle.    

Food Programs & Diets

My chefs and I are trained to coordinate the dietitians recommendations and translate that information into practical portioning and preparing for YOU, consistently.  

We cater to the following;

-The Whole 30




-Gluten Free



-DASH Diet


-Blood Type Program (based on eating right for your blood type)

-Customized Diets per individual 

Combine Food and Training Programs

Training and Food Programs go hand in hand for maximum results. Call today to get started on your integrated food and training programs and eliminate the guess work!

Get Started

Call Elizabeth today to setup your consultation for your meal prep plan!

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