Client Reviews

I had received bodywork and  from Michael Stechly approximately 10 times in preparation for my first marathon in June of 2017. I had been working to recover from a combination of injuries in my glutes, groin, and hips, and Michael was able to help me reach my goal. His bodywork is absolutely top notch as he addresses not only the surface tension/ knots that cause symptomatic pain, but also works to realign and balance the body through intentional manipulation of soft tissue combined with a set of recommended exercises to target recovery areas. Michael's attention to detail, taking the time to observe body mechanics and posture before attempting to address any issues, is indicative of the importance he places on whole-body wellness. Michael is both an athlete and trainer of professional athletes and uses his experience and expertise to relate to athletes of all ability levels. I highly recommend Michael both for his services and for the fantastic quality of experience I have had with him during every visit. If you need bodywork of any kind, look no further. 

-Chris Clark

 Michael has a multi focal approach to wellness, which includes tailoring a workout plan to fit your needs along with a meal plan and massage therapy.
Michael has changed my entire view on how to better my body.

-Amanda Kuester