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Postural and Gait Assessment

4 CEUs

$119 individual  

4 or more in a group $90 each

10 or more employees on site $75 each 

Next Class;

Saturday, January 20th 10am-2pm

The University Club of Chicago

76 E. Monroe St.

Chicago, IL 

call 773.609.1996 to pay by phone

40 spots available 

Course Overview:

This class is designed to teach students how to identify postural distortions among clients with a visual, a gait, and a real time assessment of athletes playing their sports for the purpose of applying my principle theories of how to approach massage and bodywork to retain clients and gain new ones. Grow your business overnight with this advanced technique of postural and gait assessment.

Course Description:

1- Summarize, and as a class, categorize the most effective forms of body treatments for pain management for the purpose of;

*effective results

*client retention

*client reliability 

*ranking in industry 

*financial ranking

*understanding potential growth of each

*building confidence in your practice through motivation of what you already know, and how to apply it in a different approach. 

2- Step One of the Assessment Portion is to learn how to look at a client standing still, otherwise known as a Postural Analysis. The most subtle details reveal the largest imbalances in the body and by taking the time to properly review someone's posture can be the missing link. I will teach you the proper techniques on how to work with your clients and apply your findings.

3-  Step Two of the Assessment Portion is to watch your client walk and apply not only the findings of the Postural Analysis but also to learn how that individual clients' body is effected by Posture and applied Gait in Gravity.

4- Step Three of the Assessment Portion is a verbal intake of lifestyle and Time spent in Posture. This applies to everyone and is specifically designed from the standpoint of a bio mechanic approach and dissects tissue lines of the body, muscular anatomy overview and a brief look at Tensegrity and how it works, and what it means to you as a Therapist.

5-  The next portion of the class is designed to shed light on how you talk to your clients about their issues and what all this means to sell your services and promote a new sense of motivation to your practice as you provide the most effective results quickly for your clients.

6-  Now that you are a Pro at Postural and Gait Assessments, we will practice on each other all awhile training our eyes to see what the body needs and how to approach the best plan of action for your client.  

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Postural and Gait Assessment


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